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Neuropathy Treatment at Little Mountain Chiropractic & Wellness

Our medical professionals at Little Mountain Chiropractic & Wellness can provide you with expert neuropathy care. We specialize in care for conditions like diabetic neuropathy and neuropathy in the feet.

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What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Woman sitting on couch holding footPeripheral neuropathy (PN) affects the nerves that supply the arms and legs, and is often classified according to the disease causing it. PN can affect the autonomic nerves, motor nerves and sensory nerves. Symptoms may include

  • Paralysis
  • Dysfunction in glands or organs
  • Permanent or temporary numbness
  • Impairment to sexual function and urination
  • Prickling, burning, pain or tingling sensation in extremities
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Motor nerve symptoms may include muscle wasting or weakness
  • Autonomic involvement may affect heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, pulses, and other functions.

Neuropathy is often a progressive condition. If it is not treated, the patient’s condition may worsen as circulation diminishes, tissue oxygen levels are depleted, and nerve cells continue to die.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

The most common cause of PN is diabetes. Patients with diabetes cannot maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood, which can lead to both short-term and long-term health complications. High blood sugar levels damage the capillary walls, so oxygen and nutrients are not delivered to the nerves in the hands and feet. Other tissues, such as muscles and the skin, can be affected as this continues.

There are many other causes of PN, including chemotherapy, excessive alcohol intake, vitamin B12 deficiency, trauma, exposure to poisons or toxins, Guillain-Barre syndrome, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and more.

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The Medical Approach to Neuropathy

Standard medical care for PN consists of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or prescription opioid painkillers like Oxycodone or Tramadol.

Antidepressants, such as Venlafaxine (Effexor), may be prescribed. Duloxetine (Cymbalta) may be prescribed to patients suffering from chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Medical treatments could also include TENS units, capsaicin cream or acupuncture.

Unfortunately, these approaches only address symptoms and present unwanted side effects. Opiates are highly addictive and associated with increased death rates. Standard medical treatments do not address the underlying causes of neuropathy.

Can Neuropathy Be Cured?

In some cases, neuropathy can be improved or even cured. However, not all conditions of neuropathy can be cured. In such cases, the goal of care is to manage and control symptoms and prevent further nerve damage.
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Class IV Laser Therapy for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is frequently a progressive condition. This means that if symptoms are felt only in the toes today, they may be noticed in the feet, then the ankles, and so on up the leg over time. Summus Class IV Medical Laser therapy is proven to safely address the symptoms of neuropathy and also reverse the progression of the disease by preventing cell death and stimulating neural regrowth.

Summus Class IV Medical Laser therapy helps increase circulation, promote the release of more oxygen from the bloodstream, and enhance oxygen utilization to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the cells. These effects lead to increased cell proliferation and migration (particularly by fibroblasts), modulation of cytokines levels, growth factors and inflammatory mediators, and increased tissue oxygenation.

In simpler terms, neuropathy is caused by poor blood flow and the death of sensory nerves. Summus Class IV Medical Laser therapy is proven to improve blood flow and generate cell regrowth.

Our Approach to Care

A thorough consultation and neuropathy-specific tests are performed to assess the cause and extent of neuropathy symptoms. We also screen for different conditions that may be the root of your nerve dysfunction. Then we design a unique plan of care for each patient to achieve the best outcomes.

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