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Integrative Knee Therapy at
Little Mountain Chiropractic & Wellness

person getting therapy on kneeThe Integrative Knee Therapy Program at Little Mountain Chiropractic & Wellness utilizes a combination of therapeutic modalities to facilitate the healing of injured and/or degenerative extremity joints and prevents further progression of your condition. Each program has consistently demonstrated positive results for our patients by reducing their pain and returning them to a more active lifestyle.

As an example: The Integrative Knee Therapy Program utilizes a combination of the following treatment modalities: Knee On Trac,
ESWT, and Class 4 Laser.

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What Is Knee On Trac?

The Knee On Trac is an innovative, non-invasive treatment which provides decompression therapy for the knee. It isolates the knee providing safe and effective traction of the knee joint addressing the source of pain instead of temporarily masking its symptoms with medication.

The Knee On Trac helps to treat most causes of knee pain, including sprained ligaments, strained muscles, tendonitis, cartilage tears, and osteoarthritis. It helps to reduce inflammation and re-hydrates the knee joint improving range of motion and knee function.

The Knee On Trac can also help you avoid surgery, which typically results in prolonged recovery time, discomfort, infection risk, and uncertain outcomes. It provides all-natural pain relief. If you have already had knee surgery, and it has failed to relieve your chronic knee pain, The Knee On Trac treatment system can help restore movement and relieve ongoing knee pain.

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