9 Conditions That Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor Effectively

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 November 30 , 2021

The primary objective of chiropractic care is to relieve pain and improve body function. Chiropractors treat conditions that are related to a person’s body structure. They do not prescribe medicines, nor do they conduct surgeries. They manipulate and adjust your spine and other body parts, ensuring that they get in the correct position or have proper alignment.

Chiropractic care is primarily a type of complementary medicine developed on the principle that an individual’s body can heal itself with the help of applied manipulations from qualified chiropractic professionals.

Following are some conditions that a chiropractor can treat efficiently:

1. Headaches

Adjusting the spine, particularly the neck exercises, have proven to be an effective treatment while treating migraines and headaches. These exercises can effectively alleviate most migraines. Therefore, chiropractic treatment can help give you relief from headaches.

2. High Blood Pressure

Medical research suggests that spinal adjustment can reduce the risk of hypertension or lower your blood pressure. Its effects are found to be at par with blood pressure medicine. In recent times, chiropractic care has been used to treat patients with high blood pressure who try to avoid the side effects of blood pressure pills.

3. Chronic Sinusitis

If the vertebra of your neck gets out of alignment, chiropractic interventions can help enhance your sinus drainage by correcting your facial bones. Such kind of adjustment can help in dealing with sinus obstruction problems. It also helps to promote comfortable and better breathing in patients.

4. Arthritis

Many patients with arthritis have reported improvement of pain as chiropractic treatments are performed through manual adjustments to joints along with various corrective exercises. This helps restore movement to affected joints and influence the surrounding tissue to help improve posture and restore ease. However, patients with an inflammatory disease may not be eligible for this treatment.

5. Fibromyalgia

It is a chronic condition that involves fatigue and pain throughout the musculoskeletal system. A chiropractic doctor can help reduce symptoms by using a special technique referred to as ischemic compression. Here the blood in a particular area is deliberately blocked so that resurgence of local blood flow can occur upon release.

6. Ear Infections 

Certain studies have shown that a chiropractic doctor can treat ear infections without prescribing any antibiotics as they massage the lymph nodes along with the spinal adjustment. This can help to decrease the risk of ear infections in the future.

7. Whiplash

Whiplash is a form of neck sprain that causes pain and stiffness in your neck, especially if you move your head. It typically occurs due to a car accident. Chiropractic interventions can help to alleviate muscle spasms and swelling occurring due to whiplash.

8. Stress

Chiropractors are also known for working the primary area of the central nervous system. A chiropractic doctor can help alleviate the physical symptoms that are created by stress. This includes pressure on joints and muscles. Spinal adjustments can lower stress levels and induce muscle relaxation by lessening muscle activities, relieving tension and stiffness.

9. Sacroiliac Pain

SI joint is a big joint present at the bottom of the spine. The problems related to this joint can cause a different type of lower back pain. A chiropractor can treat this pain with a special chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic doctors might also teach you how to avoid straining the SI joint and might suggest doing some exercises that strengthen the core muscles that support this joint.

Opting for chiropractic care if you face the above conditions can help mitigate the condition and be some much needed relief.

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